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  "Dave, brilliant! Setting that flag solved the problem. Thanks for your help….this has been lingering for about 18 months now and it’s nice to have it resolved."
D. Arbuthnot
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
[ Tutorials ]
   Using aspNetTraceRoute in ASP.NET
   Using aspNetTraceRoute in VS.NET [C#]
   Using aspNetTraceRoute in VS.NET [Visual Basic]
   Using aspNetTraceRoute WITHOUT VS.NET
[ Code Samples ]
   Simple TraceRoute
Demonstates the code for performing a simple traceroute.
   Simple TraceRoute - Number of Hops
Same as simple TraceRoute, but with a different number of maximum hops.
   Simple TraceRoute - Reverse Lookup
Same as simple TraceRoute, but with the option of performing a Reverse Lookup.
   TraceRoute Results as a DataTable
Retrieves the result of a TraceRoute, and binds the results to a datagrid.
   Asynchronous TraceRoute
TraceRoute Asychronously
   TraceRoute using Events
Trace a route to a remote host, using the event driven model.





The box is not shipped. aspNetTraceRoute is a downloadable product.