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  "I just deployed the latest DLL you sent as well as revised the code with the change that you specified. It looks like it's working!!! This is wonderful! Thank you again for taking the time during your weekend to help us resolve this issue. That's just fantastic customer service!"

Trace Network Paths Easily and Effortlessly

aspNetTraceRoute allows a developer and to easily add TraceRoute capability to their applications. Built upon the stability and options of aspNetPing, aspNetTraceRoute support synchronous and asynchronous calls, along with an event driven model.

More Information
aspNetTraceRoute is physically located in the aspNetDns.dll and is combined with the additional following components

aspNetDns - a complete .DNS Lookup component.
aspNetTraceRoute - a complete ICMP/Ping component.
aspNetTraceRoute - a complete TraceRoute component
aspNetWhois - a complete Whois lookup component.

aspNetTraceRoute provides the following classes to effortlessly and easily programmatically TraceRoutes to your .NET applications.


The TraceRouteClient provides both static/shared and instance methods for tracing a network path. Using the TraceRouteClient, you can specify maximum number of hops, along with resolving Reverse DNS lookup names. Asynchronous methods are also provided, along with an event driven model, to provide the developer with flexibility to meet there demanding application.

The TraceRouteReply class encapsulates the reply packet received from the trace route execution. All every time a packet is received, the OnRecievedReply is raised, along with adding the packet statistics to the TraceRouteReplyCollection.

The TraceRouteReplyCollection class is a strongly typed collection that contains all of the TraceRouteReply packets. The TraceRouteReplyCollection also exposes advanced functionality that converts the results of your TraceRoute to a DataTable, or a specially formatted string.

For more information about these features, or to suggest any additional features, feel free to write us at support@advancedintellect.com


The box is not shipped. aspNetTraceRoute is a downloadable product.